Vanishing I Cristina Soiman

„Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?“ Linda Nochlin asked in 1971 in a manifesto of feminist art history.  Feminists pointed out that throughout most of recorded history males have imposed patriarchal (father-centered) social systems (in which they have dominated females).  Significant in the dominant (meaning especially Western) culture’s patriarchal heritage is the preponderance of art made by males, and for male audiences, sometimes transgressing against females.

This political approach to art seems to be out dated.  The battle of sexes is not on-going anymore. Not the difference between men an women seems to be of interest anymore. But what else?

The four photographers I have chosen to present in the next days – as different as they are – show one common trait: women are vanishing in their private life.

These photographers are:

  • Cristina Soiman
  • Irma Haselberger
  • Emese Benkö
  • Nellie Vin
Cristina Soiman’s photographies show absolute transparency. Her photographies are post-femist par excellence because she does not care a bit about political intricacies.
 Her personas seem either to vanish or they appear briefly and then –  after a glimps or a second – the fade away and vanish. Nudity – in this context – makes the person even more transparent and fragile.
  With double exposures Cristina Soiman creates movement, sequences, stories.(Ok. No double exposures in digital photography anymore, so: overlaying transparent images and correcting the Alpha Channel or what ever).

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